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The 7 most suggestive sunsets in Marrakech

Marrakesh, the red city, the city of one thousand colours and one thousand perfumes. Marrakesh, the bustling city in which tourists lose themselves, transported by the contrasts between the old and the new, which characterise the architecture, the food, the clothing and all other aspects of the city. A genuine crowded metropolitan of a rare beauty, which in the precise moment that the sun begins to dip beyond the horizon, gifts a truly unique spectacle to those who are willing to open both their eyes and their hearts.

We therefore present a collection of 7 magnificent and suggestive sunsets that, if you intend to visit (or have already visited) Marrakesh, will stay with you in your heart:

1. Sunset over the Medina


We are in the historical centre of Marrakesh, in the old city (medina in Arab), which is of Medieval origin. Here, in a labyrinth of narrow and bustling streets, men and boys work iron, leather and other materials whilst sitting on the ground, giving rise to fascinating situations and creating images of great intrigue. In Marrakesh's Medina souks over 40 thousand artisans, merchants and artists of all genres are at work; as the sun sets, they put away their stalls to make room for an array of Moroccan culinary specialities.
The sunset over the Medina is a unique and absolutely unmissable moment in time!

2. Sunset over Jemaa El Fna

Brltrob Jemaa El Fna Marrakech 2006096

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, Jemaa El Fna is the main square in Marrakesh and is rightly considered to be the beating heart of the city. People do business, chat, eat and enjoy themselves!
During the day, and into the early afternoon, the square teems with people: it is well worth taking a peak at the stalls to buy typical hand-crafted objects and sample delicious traditional cuisine.
At sunset, it is instead obligatory to climb up onto the terraces of the bars and restaurants that surround the square and admire the myriad of colours that fill the sky.
Order a mint tea and enjoy this natural spectacle... it will be unforgettable!

3. Sunset over the Koutubia Mosque

moschea della koutubia

Don't know what it is and where to find it? Nothing could be more simple! Are you in Jemaa el Fna Square and does a tower jump out at you? Good, well it's not just any old tower, but the oldest of the 3 great minarets of Islamic Almohad architecture left standing today, as well as being the minaret that belongs to the Koutubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakesh.
The great minaret dominates the city's skyline at 69 metres tall, with this grandeur only being further emphasised by the setting of the sun. The sandstone in fact behaves like a sponge; it appears to absorb the rays of the hot Moroccan sun only to later release them, creating an incredibly evocative effect!

4. Sunset over the Palmeraie

Palmeraie de Marrakech

The Palmeraie is situated just outside of the residential centre of Marrakesh: it is an oasis created by many thousands of diverse trees that extend for a staggering 140km2! At 8km in length, the Palmeraie is the largest palm grove in Marrakesh.
It really is well worth a visit at sunset to feel like children once again, swooning before the sun as it goes to sleep beyond the age-old palm trees, which as legend would have it, were planted by ancient Arab warriors many centuries ago.

5. Sunset over the Menara Gardens

Photography Sunset Menara Garden Jardin De La Menara Mideast Nrthafrica Cntrlasia

It is well known that where there is water, the sunset is even more beautiful and perhaps it is for this reason, alongside the silence that can be enjoyed here and the centuries-old olive trees that the Menara Gardens are the ideal place to stop and enjoy a little fresh air as the sun sets.
The Atlas Mountains in the background, the swimming pool and the greenery surrounding you will make you feel like you are part of a spectacular painting!

6. Sunset over the Desert

SuperCar RoadTrip.fr Sunrise Désert Maroc

One of the most exciting experiences to live in Morocco is, without a shadow of a doubt, a tour of the Sahara Desert. There are many excursions departing from Marrakesh: we advise you to always book with experts to experience the magical thrill of a sunset over the desert. No words can describe that peculiar sensation "of both emptiness and fullness" that is felt on seeing the dunes open up before your very eyes and that sensational landscape that continues to turn a deeper shade of red... A genuine thrill.

7. Sunset over the Atlas Mountains

Adam W Morocco Sunset across the high atlas october 2010

If you are a nature lover and are keen to discover a more authentic side to Morocco, then you will have to take advantage of your stay in Marrakesh to book an excursion that will take you outside of the city, to the Atlas Mountain Range! On arriving at the feet of the towering mountains, admire the landscape and wait in silence for the sun to set: the beauty of the location and the romantic atmosphere on offer here even managed to seduce Winston Churchill. Experience it to believe it!