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An oasis of serenity and well-being

The luxury Riad Jnane Allia is located on the outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco and not far from the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains, the majestic mountain range of north-west Africa.

Guests of Jnane Allia discover a timeless, understated yet refined and intimate atmosphere, perfectly integrated into the persuasive ambience of Marrakech.

The riad is surrounded by a beautiful garden and is the result of a loving restoration of an old property just a few minutes from the centre of Marrakech. Owners Marco and Sarah have respected traditional Moroccan construction techniques and furnishings to ensure an authentic experience for their guests.


On the edge of Marrakech’s famous palm grove, the Jnane Allia Resort is an authentic oasis where everything moves calmly and you breathe an air of serenity.

Yesterday’s and today’s Morocco blend harmoniously in our resort, starting with the buildings constructed in pisé, the age-old technique obtained by working clay and water, lightening the mixture with straw and letting the sun’s rays consolidate it and give it its inimitable amber colour.

The epicentre of the resort is a sumptuous Kaidal, the traditional Moroccan tent, which, suitably air-conditioned, houses the restaurant, elegantly furnished in the Moroccan tradition.

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For a relaxing day at our resort, you can take a morning yoga class, then abandoning yourself to an incredible massage in our spa, before indulging in a typical Moroccan meal at our restaurant or by the resort’s two swimming pools.

For an even more authentic experience, discover our services and try your hand at new experiences.

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A trip to Marrakech is more than a holiday, it is a true experience combining culture, relax and adventure.

It is a city to listen to, because of the local merchants and the music in the streets, and also to see, because of its colours: Marrakech is in fact known as the city of the 4 colours: blue of the sky, green of the plants, red of the ochre earth and white of the snow of the Atlas mountain range.


Jnane Allia

Douar Neffad - Oulad Hassoun • Route de Fes • Marrakech - Maroc

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