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Moroccan cooking course

The Moroccan cuisine is a fascinating alchemy of flavors, fragrances and colors. For its ability to combine in a sophisticated fashionspices, vegetables, fish and fruit, the Moroccan cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

The Moroccan cuisine is the result of a mixture of flavors consisting of Mediterranean, Oriental, and African and of the local Berber traditions. The bittersweet taste is a legacy of the Arabs, while from the Persians they acquired the art of combining meat with fruit. The sweet, sugary and spicy, derive instead from the Turkish tradition.

To really know a country, there is no better way to get closer to its culinary tradition, taste its dishes, appreciate the flavors and aromas. Thus the kitchen of Riad Jnane Allia offers the guests a cooking class taught by a professional chef, who with great passion teaches all the secrets of the local cuisine in a beautiful setting.

During the course you will learn to recognize and choose the spices, try out the cooking techniques of the Moroccan cuisine and realize recipes to propose to friends back home. The chef will reveal the secrets of the preparation of some of the most typical local dishes. Cous cous served with lamb stew and vegetables, Tajine from stewed meat with vegetables and fruits, cooked in traditional terracotta dishes, and some of the specialties of Moroccan pastries.

The cooking course in Morocco enables you to cook in the charming resort of Jnane Allia, immersed in the peace of a wonderful oasis not far from Marrakech City. To better appreciate the Moroccan culinary art and learn all its secrets, there is no better way than to attend the cooking class taught by a highly qualified chef, immersed in the scenario of a typical Moroccan riad, surrounded by the colors and scents of an enchanting land. The course is open only to guests of the riad and has an extra cost, not included in the accomodation.

Course duration: 2 hours Course rate: 45 € per person