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Our Story

Jnane in Arabic means garden, Allia is the name of the daughter Sarah gave me, the love that destiny, maktub in Arabic, made me meet here. My name is Marco Bonvicini and I am Italian. My passion for Africa overwhelmed me at the age of eighteen, when my father took me to Bangui for the coronation of Emperor Bokassa. A passion that has never left me since.

I lived and travelled throughout Saharan Africa and the Sahel, becoming a reference for many European tour operators. Then in 2005, the desire to put down roots: Morocco, which welcomed me with its splendid nature and a quality of life previously unknown to me, the meeting with Sarah, the birth of little Allia, and then the shared dream of bringing back to life a property on the outskirts of Marrakech that was falling into neglect.


We opted for an architecture with minimal environmental impact, using techniques and materials from the Moroccan tradition, which has always respected the ancient criteria that we now call bio-compatible. We rediscovered the charm of the minimalist lines of Berber architecture and its dazzling openings to the outdoors, where the sun rises and sets.


The resort has two dining areas, a large kaidal tent, suggestively used as a Table d’Hôtes, where breakfast can be enjoyed, and a restaurant to discover traditional Moroccan cuisine handed down through generations. Guests of the resort will discover a restaurant characterised by an air of home, a timeless, elegant and cosy atmosphere.

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