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Yoga with Perumal

Today the riad Jnane Allia is a highly specialized and recognized yoga center. The yoga classes, held by the Indian Yoga Master Perumal have become a real gem of program within the riad.

Perumal born in New Delhi began teaching under a Kung-Fu master while living in Los Angeles. After 10 years of martial arts he explored yoga. This began a journey returning to his ancestral roots of Kerala, India followed by England, Italy and Morocco. Here is how Perumal captured the essence and benefits of the world’s yoga styles.

His easily comprehensible method is successfully adapted to varying practitioners of hard and soft forms. His journey led to the development of varyious sequences for core, leg and limb forms. All sequences are taking into consideration areas of weakness caused by inactivity or trauma.

The teacher’s goal is to create a freedom within the body as the steps to meditation. Riad Jnane Allia, an open and clear oasis, sets a stage for Perumal’s fascinating yoga practices and lectures.

Lessons are guided to enable beginners and the injured to learn their limits with experienced practitioners. The lessons are thorough with theoretical arguments and easy to comprehend guidelines for spirituality and healthy living thus opening a portal to the hidden aspects of yoga.

Perumal explains the linkages and interactions between the mental, physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. The lessons allow the guest to achieve the right state of flow in order to improve mobility, breathing and circulation while strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments.

A yoga retreat in Jnane Allia is extremely relaxing and rewarding for body and mind. The resort, nestled in the Palmeraie of Marrakech, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where everything moves calm and quiet. The perfect oasis to approach yoga. If you always wanted to learn this fascinating discipline, a yoga holiday in the Moroccan resort of Jnane Allia it is definitely the best opportunity to do so. The competence of the teacher Perumal and the unique atmosphere of the riad create the perfect environment to really get to know and appreciate the ancient discipline of yoga.

The yoga classes Perumal are reserved for guests of the riad and on request. Individual yoga classes with Perumal are not included in the lodging.

"Easy Yoga" program
For local Marrakech residents and hotel guest that are not reserved into a yoga retreat at the venue can attend the yoga retreat lessons in Jnane Allia for € 25 / DHS 250.

Included in this price is a healthy & hearty breakfast. Availability to be confirmed upfront reservation.